Our proprietary framework for Financial Planning

Our cutting edge framework 

3Castles 2Knights focuses clients on matters they can control and minimises matters they cannot.

We have extensively studied the strongest ideas in wealth management and financial planning from around the world and combined them to form our own exclusive framework for the Irish Market.
Depending on the profile of the client we organise different assets of a client’s wealth into three distinct castles. Each castle plays a distinct role in both growing and preserving your personal balance sheet.

Our Unique System

Cash Savings

Cash Deposits

Emergency Fund
No Real Return

Investment Savings


Beat Inflation

Compound Interst

Business Investment

Niche / Private Equity

Higher Risk, High Return
Highly Illiquid
Skill Based

Family Security

Protect My Family

Life / Illness Protection
Income Protection
Inheritance Planning

Business Security

Protect My Business

Business Protection
Partner / Director Protection
Executive Pensions
Exit Planning

How we work

We partner with top global investment, pension and insurance firms  to ensure the best solutions for our clients.


Establish Objectives & Worries

We establish your objectives and worries regarding your wealth. This allows us to tailor our advice and focus on eliminating worries like a repeat of 2008, Brexit and Covid-19.


Organise your Assets

We organise your wealth using our 3Castles 2Knights framework. This information can be gathered in a meeting or a simple online form.


Cashflow Planning

Traditionally in wealth management, the focus is on a current snapshot of your wealth. Our powerful system means we can examine income, expenditure and savings every year for the rest of your life. We factor inflation and future costs as well as simulating conservative returns on your investments.


Scenario & Stress Test

We scenario test your wealth using our unique system. 2008 is still fresh in our clients’ minds. Our unique system tests your wealth against a number of negative and unplanned events such as the 2008 crash or an unexpected rise in your living expenses.


Recommend & Implement

We recommend and implement simple changes that prepares your wealth for all eventualities. We implement our recommendations on your behalf with minimal admin, paperwork and forms.


Review & Retest

When your life changes, we change the plan. 

  • Regular review meetings
  • Impromptu meetings and phone calls for unplanned events
  • Updates on investments and valuations
  • Legislative and tax changes
  • New opportunities

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