Reeling in the Years 2000 (inflation edition)

They say if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out immediately.  However if you gradually increase the heat, the frog won’t notice and happily swim away until it becomes frog stew.  The same applies for inflation; we dont notice a 5 cent increase to our coffee in the morning, but over time this can really add up.  Here we look at how prices have changed since 2000 in Ireland and what we can do to protect ourselves from inflation.



Cost of retirement, School fees, college fees and yes, the cost of a pint will all be higher in 20 years time.  We have to plan for higher prices in the future now. If you would like more information on retirement or savings plans to beat inflation, please give the office a call on 01 639 2908 or email me on  

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